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In urban and suburban areas, much of the ground surface is covered by buildings and impervious areas, which do not allow rain and snow melt to soak into the ground. Large amounts of runoff from roofs and paved areas are discharged into nearby waterways. The stormwater runoff carries pollutants such as oil and grease deposits directly to streams and rivers, where they seriously harm water quality. To protect surface water quality and groundwater resources, urban development should be designed and built to minimize increases in runoff.

On car parks, municipalities are encouraged to minimize the impervious areas to ease the local infiltration and to bring nature in the urban life. It also contributes to reduce urban heat island effects, therefore improving urban quality of life.

Water can thus be seen as an asset for cities instead of being considered as expenses as it is a most valuable resource to increase biodiversity, lower overall costs and also fight against the effects of climate change.

Designing TenCate  GeoClean® aquatextile solution promotes the use of alternative water management solution in urban and suburban areas as hydrocarbon pollution is retained immediately where the rain falls. This encourages municipalities and governmental bodies to design car parks with more permeable surfaces or natural water management systems.

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