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Construction machinery is subject to oil and grease leaks which are often significant. Therefore, parking areas are often very polluted with hydrocarbons which can infiltrate into the soil towards the aquifers creating significant risks of pollution.

When these substances get into waterways they poison water life and any animal that drinks from them. Pollutants on construction sites can also soak into the groundwater, a source of human drinking water. Once contaminated, groundwater is much more difficult to treat than surface water. Overall, water pollution from construction sites is underestimated and has potential to generate severe environmental problems. Taking time to prepare the Environmental Risks Assessments in advance helps decreasing expensive costs to prevent water from being polluted.

Designing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile solution as a component of the water management solution allows infiltration of oil-free stormwater directly through permeable soil structure and saves time & cost.

Case study

Refueling platform for construction machinery

France, Vendenheim (67)

Protection of a refuling platform for watering machines.

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