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The effect of airport operations on water quality is major. As they have large areas of impervious surfaces and host activities that can release potential contaminants, airports are submitted to stringent environmental rules. The 2 axis between protecting the environment and protecting the safety of the traveling public have arisen in the water quality context. Many airports are indeed located on or adjacent to large water bodies which, along with associated marshes and other wetlands, often provide habitat for a large variety of fauna and flora. There are different things that airports have to do to reduce their environmental impact, and reduce the risk of pollution: investing in improved handling facilities and processes to decrease the risk of groundwater or surface water pollution from de-icing fluids, oil leaks and fuel spillage from handling equipment.

Designing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile solution in every water management solution allows to develop and benefit from larger permeable surfaces to infiltrate locally clean runoff water.

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