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Pollution generated in railways environment is an issue as water with pollutants loading is discharged into the subsoil and watercourses. The pollutants carried by water may arise from a wide variety of sources. The rail industry aims at lowering the risk of pollution from its activities. The emission of hydrocarbons may have diffusive sources (e.g. operational losses) or be found at point-sources (e.g. track-switch, stations, fueling zones). The wooden sleepers seem to be the most important sources of hydrocarbons, followed by lubricants from track-switches and wheel flanges. Soil and hydrology contamination may affect vegetation and aquatic fauna. Infrastructures associated contribute to high concentrations of hydrocarbons in waterways crossed or bordered by railways.

Designing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile solution  in every water management solution allows a cost effective & immediate hydrocarbon depollution.

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