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Preventing pollution at the source before causing environmental damages can be one solution for industrial and commercial companies. If water is not managed properly, activities on industrial or commercial sites may release sources of pollutants that will be conducted with rain or runoff and drained over the activity area. These pollutants are then carried through runoff drains into the municipal storm drain system, meaning polluted storm water being finally discharged into the rivers and lakes. The successful implementation of appropriate source control measures on industrial or commercial sites can reduce or eliminate the need for more expensive structural treatment control measures. On logistic areas and truck parks, the risk of hydrocarbon pollution is higher mainly due to the heavy trafficked areas. Trucks represent a risk of higher quantities of oil that could leak and pollute the water infiltrating the soil or being dischraged into the networks and finally ending into the natural environment.

Taking in consideration the heavier risk of hydrocarbon pollution from trucks, it is key to design TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile solution to secure the water quality before being discharged in the soil or in the networks.

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