TenCate GeoClean® is an oil-biodegrading aquatextile. It aims at eliminating hydrocarbons naturally from the runoff water that infiltrates the ground. It has 4 complementary actions:

  1. Instant water infiltration thanks to its high permeability: 10-2 m/s
  1. Cleans runoff water from diffuse pollution by fixing hydrocarbons to its filamentous structure:
  • > 99% of hydrocarbons are retained
  • Maximum residual hydrocarbon content into water: < 2 mg/l
  • High water permeability even at its maximum oil retention capacity
  1. Systematically boosts the biodegradation of the retained hydrocarbons by native microorganisms:
  • Provides an optimal biotope thanks to the contribution of a natural growth activator 
  • The natural growth activator initiates and accelerates the biodegradation and remains in the structure over the long term
  1. Barrier to oil spillage in the event of accident

> 99% of hydrocarbons from the diffuse pollution are retained

TenCate GeoClean® demo video

TenCate GeoClean® oil biodegrading aquatextiles manage water quality in the soil and house a natural ecosystem. This material is specified to solve the hydrocarbon pollution that infiltrates the underground and damages the water quality by polluting the aquifers. The 2nd action of this solution is the high oil retention capacity. Watch this video to see the demo on high oil retention capacity.

Our aquatextiles are efficient in all types of pollution

In Diffuse pollution

Oil leaks are one of the main sources of diffuse pollution of infrastructure.  

in Accidental pollution

Accidental pollution means a localised accidental spills. For example, accidental pollution can be the volume of a car engine crankcase: 4 to 6 litres.

in Huge pollution

Huge pollution spill is a massive inflow of hydrocarbons


The TenCate GeoClean® range includes the following aquatextiles:

  • Origin
  • Crystal
  • Pure

with increasing oil retention and biodegradation capacities.

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