The Benefits of Infiltration Wells and Soakaways

Infiltration wells and soakaways manage both volume and quality water that infiltrates the soil

Soakaways and infiltration wells are round or square excavations either filled with rubble or lined with brickwork, pre-cast concrete or polyethylene rings/perforated storage structures surrounded by granular backfill. Soakaways & infiltration wells provide stormwater attenuation and thus groundwater recharge. The main benefit is that it offers minimal net land take with a good volume reduction and peak flow attenuation. Easy to build and operate, they can be grouped and linked together to drain large areas including highways.

The benefits of opting for infiltrations wells and soakaways are:

  • to provide storage for runoff in an underground chamber, lined with an aquatextile and filled with coarse crushed rock.
  • to enhance the natural capacity of the soil to drain the water. They do this by providing a large surface area in contact with the surrounding soil, through which the water can pass.

The amount of water that can be managed by a soakaway within a specified time depends mainly on the infiltration potential and the permeability of the surrounding soil. In residential, urban and suburban areas, along roads, on construction site, runoff water is polluted by oil leaks and could have critical impact on the environment.

Runoff shall be cleaned at the infiltration point, in the infiltration well before reaching the groundwater.

Designing infiltration wells with the TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile is a means of ensuring systematic treatment of hydrocarbons in all configurations either in case of a new soakaway or an existing infiltration well when it’s being maintained.

The added value of aquatextiles 

Why use our TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile in infiltration wells and soakaways ?

  • Manage both the runoff volume and the water quality at the infiltration point
  • Barrier to accidental oil spills
  • Upgrading existing infiltration wells

Installing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile

Installing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile in new infiltration wells and soakaways secures the water depollution. Upgrading existing infiltration wells and soakaways with TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile offers a sustainable stormwater management system

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