The Benefits of a Surface Infiltration Basin

Surface infiltration basins to reduce high floods risks

Infiltration basins are vegetated depressions designed to store runoff on the surface and infiltrate it gradually into the ground. They are dry except in periods of heavy rainfall. They temporarily store, capture, and infiltrate runoff over a period of several days on a level and uncompacted surface. Infiltration basins are typically used for large watershed area of 2 to 20 hectares (according to the Minnesota Stormwater Manual). This technique reduces the stormwater runoff volume in sewers, increases groundwater recharge and provides thermal benefit while being an easy and cost-effective water management solution. Dry surface infiltration basin can be constructed along roads, urban streets, railways car parks, logistic areas, airports, construction sites and service stations. However, hydrocarbon pollution is heavily carried by water runoff from these urban and trafficked roads. This water management solution should therefore include pretreatment before polluted runoff water infiltrates the native permeable soil.

The added value of aquatextiles 

Why use our TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile in surface infiltration basins?

  • Local infiltration of treated water
  • Systematic oil retention and oil biodegradation in any weather condition.
  • Product and design performance designed according to the hydrocarbon load.
  • Applicable to site with high water table.
  • Barrier to accidental hydrocarbon spillage
  • Easy and quick installation
  • Reuse of clear water for irrigation when treated water is drained

Installing TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile

Installing the TenCate GeoClean® aquatextile in the infiltration basin structure instantly catches hydrocarbon pollution allowing clean water infiltration in the native soil

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