Case story

Refueling platform for construction machinery

France, Vendenheim (67)

Water pollution control solution: 

TenCate GeoClean® Pure oil-biodegrading aquatextile

Function :

Oil spill containment and stormwater remediation


Refuelling areas for construction machinery are often polluted by oil leaks during fuel delivery. SOCOS chose to install TenCate GeoClean® on a refuelling platform for watering machines to reduce this pollution and preserve the quality of the soil and the Alsace groundwater, which is very shallow and sensitive.


The platform measures 6 m x 10 m, which offers plenty of room for the watering machine tractors. The retention structure comprises two layers of TenCate GeoClean® Pure oil biodegrading aquatextile separated by a 20 cm layer of drainage gravel and covered with 50 cm of drainage material for the machines to drive on. A layer of drainage aggregate was also placed at the bottom of the structure to keep the aquatextile unsaturated above the water level. A TenCate Bidim® separation geotextile was placed between the drainage material and the existing terrain.

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