Case story

Permeable paving on P&R car park

The Netherlands, Meestad

Water pollution control solution:
TenCate GeoClean® Origin oil-biodegrading aquatextile

Catch and biodegrade hydrocarbons under the parking area

The creation of a new Park & Ride car park of 10.000 m² with a permeable pavement to infiltrate locally stormwater into the sandy ground requires both to infiltrate strong rainfall intensities and to prevent soil pollution by cleaning runoff water from the carried hydrocarbons.

The low speed traffic in this parking area mainly occupied by cars or vans makes the risk of accident very low. The main source of hydrocarbons is therefore the diffuse oil leaks from the vehicles. Furthermore, it is localised in an urbanized area. Finally, the permeable pavement made of concrete slabs is chosen to allow direct infiltration in the sandy soil.

These project parameters lead to choose the TenCate GeoClean® Origin aquatextile as water cleaning solution and to protect the whole park area.

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