Case story

Buried attenuation tank below an impervious car park

France, Thouaré-sur-Loire (44)

Water pollution control solution:
TenCate GeoClean® Origin oil-biodegrading aquatextile.

Cleans the collected runoff water from hydrocarbons.

The creation of a new commercial area with a 120 slots car park, roads for restaurants requires an appropriate stormwater management. The low permeability subsoil allows only a limited amount of rain water to infiltrate.

Runoff water from the impervious pavement, polluted by hydrocarbon leaks from the traffic, is collected by several gullies and sent to a network of pipes to a buried retention basin of about 30 m x 1 m x 6 m. The basin consists of an Ultra-Light Alveolar Structure made with crates bathed at the bottom and on its sides into a body of a draining gravel.

The oil-biodegrading aquatextile is installed at the interface between the Ultra-Light Alveolar Structure and the draining gravel.

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